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The offer is only available for customers that purchased the Pour Over Set at full price through our official seller at
To qualify, participants agree to send us their experience with the previously purchased product that they have been actively using for at least 7 days.
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Get Your Lifetime Warranty In 3 Simple Steps
Fill out the online form.
The first step to receive your Lifetime warranty is to complete the form on this page. The offer is valid only for customers that bought the product at full price through our official seller at
Share your experience.
After filling the form we will ask you 2 or 3 questions about your experience with our Coffee Kettle Set. Sharing your experience will help other customers make a better purchase decision.
Receive your Warranty.
If you qualify for a Lifetime warranty we will send you the warranty certificate within 48h by email.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it REALLY free? Or do I have to pay?
There are absolutely to charges. We're not asking for your credit card details at any point. There's no subscription, no hidden fees, no shipping fees. We cover all the costs. This is TRULY FREE. 
What's the CATCH? Do I need to do something?
The only thing we ask is that you send us your experience with the Coffee Kettle Set. Sharing your experience will help us improve our products and it will help other customers make a better decision.
What are the CONDITIONS to qualify?
The offer is only valid for customers who purchased our Coffee Kettle at full price at You also need to use it for 7 days before sharing your experience. 
HOW LONG will it take to receive the warranty?
If you qualify for a Lifetime Warranty we will receive it within 48h by email.

Why Do People LOVE Zenovika Products?
Meet our happy clients and find out why our Coffee Kettle Set is their preferred choice.
The Zenovika Coffee Pour Over Kettle is the top barista tool. At first sign, the device's adorable beehive shape made it easy to love, while its smooth stainless steel body proved durable and reliable over hours of use. I think it's the most lovely kettle of the bunch, handsome enough to leave on your stove for visitors to admire.
Gordon M.
I prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, and this kettle its just perfect for me. What I really like is that can be placed directly on top of virtually any stove so you can heat your water at the right temperature, due to its built-in thermometer right at the top of the lid. This thermometer is a game changer as it helps you figure out the temperature at which the water is boiling. So sticking to the ideal temperature for a variety of tea and coffee is pretty easy.
Helen C.
As a coffeeholic Zenovika Pour Over Kettle has always been one of my favorite Kettle and manages to deliver the best-tasting pour-over coffee to date. Zenovika products are simple and hassle-free, yet elegant in every way. So, if you love drinking a variety of tea and coffee, then Zenovika Coffee Kettle would come in handy.
Barbara F.
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